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Annals of Rome Amiga Game

Annals of Rome

English / German
Annals of Rome Classic Amiga game

1986 classic Amiga game - strategy games

There were quite few games about ancient Rome (for example the famous Centurion), but this one also deserves some attention.

As always, our goal is to rule the whole of the ancient world (or at least from Britain to the Black Sea). The game is heavily simplified (though this is only an adaptation of a program from 8-bit computers), so our responsibility is only to determine the level of taxes and sending troops to the individual provinces. In addition, we have to choose people who will command legions, which may lead to their rebellion if we give them too many soldiers. In that case they announce them as emperors and attack Rome. But this is not the only threat - Egyptians, Gauls, the Macedonians, Britons, Carthaginians, they all will keep us on our toes.

Graphics is not much better than on Spectrum, and as for the gameplay, I think I prefer the Centurion.

Our rating 2/5






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Annals of Rome Classic Amiga game