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Amiga car racing games

City Cars Amiga game
City Cars
Formula 1 3D Amiga game
Formula 1 3D
Formula One Grand Prix Amiga game
Formula One Grand Prix
Grand Prix Circuit Amiga game
Grand Prix Circuit
Indianapolis 500 Amiga game
Indianapolis 500
Lombard RAC Rally Amiga game
Lombard RAC Rally
Lotus Amiga game
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 2 Amiga game
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 2
Rajd przez Polske Amiga game
Rajd przez Polske
Stunt Car Racer Amiga game
Stunt Car Racer
Toyota Celica Amiga game
Toyota Celica
Vroom Amiga game
Work’s Team Rally Amiga game
Work’s Team Rally
Xtreme Racing Amiga game
Xtreme Racing

car racing games

Classic car racing games did have their hardware limitations and rarely offered the driver point of view, but still if the creators had a good idea their games offered a lot of fun.