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Amiga other games

Air Crash Manager Amiga game
Air Crash Manager
Ballistic Diplomacy Amiga game
Ballistic Diplomacy
Hacker Two Amiga game
Hacker Two
Hill Street Blues Amiga game
Hill Street Blues
Kennedy Approach Amiga game
Kennedy Approach
Life & Death Amiga game
Life & Death
Millenium 2.2 Amiga game
Millenium 2.2
Rush Hour Amiga game
Rush Hour
Sensible Train Spotting Amiga game
Sensible Train Spotting
Simon Amiga game
The Cardinal of the Kremlin Amiga game
The Cardinal of the Kremlin

other games

In this category you will find the games that, from various reasons, just wouldn’t fit in any other categories, because they are too unusual or just too "out there". The word "other" could suggest that they are just rejects, but it is not the case - we simply could not find a genre for them, they are worth to see.