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Amiga strategy-economy games

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Civilization Amiga Game


Civilization Classic Amiga game

1992 classic Amiga game - strategy-economy games

One of the most famous stategy-economy games ever - after its premiere Civilization left most of the other such game far behind.

Designed by Sid Meier Civilization mixes elements that were known in other games, but here they were put together to create a masterpiece that quickly gained a fame. The main target of the game is to build your civilization, which was already present in other titles, but this game was in a way revolutionary. To reach your target you have to build all the neccessery buildings, we guide the researchers that work on new technologies, take care of the military side of the nation, the agrocultural side, we build roads, bridges, explore the nearby areas hoping to find new land that will make a good base for further cities.

With time and progress we can travel to further parts of the planet, discover other continents, other civilizations, build diplomatic relations, plan military operations, occupy strategic areas, deal with the revolts that might start in out cities... I could list the options and events for a long time - letís just say that it is a long way to make sure that your civilization is the most powerful in the world.

The graphic side of the game is rather simple, but as usual in such games all the goodies are in the background - one of the novelties in Civilization (that is still used in similar games) is the technology ladder - to gain a technology that we need we have to gain some knowledge, finish some invention or acquire other technology that will allow the one we need to be in our reach. Because of that simple interface and complicated software behind it every game in Civilization can be completely different.

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Civilization screenshots

Civilization Classic Amiga gameCivilization Classic Amiga gameCivilization Classic Amiga gameCivilization Classic Amiga gameCivilization Classic Amiga game