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Wolfpack Amiga game

Wolfpack Amiga Game


Wolfpack Classic Amiga game

1990 classic Amiga game - simulators

Wolfpacks were the operational units of few U-Boats that were formed to give Germans advantage during the Battle of Atlantic in World War 2. The main point was to coordinate the attack of several boats, so escort ship would have problems not only in locating them, but also to attack them all at the same time.

The game Wolfpack at first glance was rather simple - the whole game is put more or less on a single screen, where we not only have all the instruments to control our ship, but also a periscope, map, radio messages and few other elements, which was quite a challenge at the beginning of the play. But one of those extra elements was a button that allowed player to switch between different ships that took part in the battle. To make it more interesting it was also up to us to choose on which side we want to play - the wolfpack of U-Boats or the escort ships. Default setting for all the ships was that they are controlled by the computer, but you could always switch them to manual control and by switching between them build quite complexed plans of attacks or defence.

Another nice addition was an editor that allowed the creation of new scenarios on the maps provided by the developers. Wolfpack was one of the games that seem simple and trivial (especially if you concentrate on the graphic side), but beneath it was rather clever piece of software.

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Wolfpack Classic Amiga gameWolfpack Classic Amiga game