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Strikefleet Amiga Game


Strikefleet Classic Amiga game

1987 classic Amiga game - simulators

The simulator similar conceptually to the Wolfpack, although here we are dealing with modern fleet and the surface warships. We participate in the missions of US Navy in regions such as Falkland Islands, the Persian Gulf, North Atlantic and the North Sea.

The simulation itself is quite primitive - we view from "the bridge" is just simple look at the sea and below we have group of buttons to operate the equipment of our ships ranging from sensors to weapons and sending helicopters. Before each mission (and there are about 20 of them) we may choose the ships that will take part in the operation. We have available points that we can spend on "acquiring" vessels, each class of warship has "price" which tells us how many points it would take to have such ship in the fleet. This system gives the chance to set up fleet of few strong warships or have them more, but of less power.

At sea we decide whether the radars and sonars should operate in active or passive mode (active mode gives better results, but the enemy also can detect us), set units speed, put crews on general quarters or send them to rest. We can also move between units and determine their individual orders or control the whole operation from the flagshipe. There is also the option to switch the view to helicopters while they are in the air - they are perfect to conduct reconnaissance, identification of targets or provide data required to guide our missiles (not to mention they also carry torpedoes to attack submarines).

What are the opponents? First of all Soviet long-range aircrafts, also surface groups, sometimes submarines, but also in some of the missions we have to destroy the rocket launcher located on the coast, which is a nice change.

The graphics and audio are rather poor, but for someone who is interested in modern navy operation aboard surface ships it will be nice variety, because not many such simulators were ever published.

Our rating 4/5






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Strikefleet Classic Amiga gameStrikefleet Classic Amiga gameStrikefleet Classic Amiga gameStrikefleet Classic Amiga gameStrikefleet Classic Amiga gameStrikefleet Classic Amiga gameStrikefleet Classic Amiga gameStrikefleet Classic Amiga game