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Ambermoon Amiga Game


English / German
Ambermoon Classic Amiga game

1993 classic Amiga game - role playing games

Continuation of the game "Amberstar", taking place 90 years and one cosmic catastrophe later. As the grandson of the hero, that you have controlled in the first game, again you have to save Lyramion before his mysterious danger. And it will not be an easy task, at least until we know what exactly the danger is...

Quite large game world is shown in two ways: 2D and 3D (the game automatically switches to 3D mode when visiting towns and dungeons). 3D engine is not at the highest level, but we should not forget that the game in this field is a pioneer, and that it was written for the Amiga 500. The fights take place in semi-3D mode of sort of tactical screen.

As for the music - is awful. In my opinion, it is best to switch it off before you go crazy. But of course - someone might like it, and I was unnecessarily picking on it.

The game is a typical RPG. We operate a team (up to six characters), each character has a profession, characteristics and objects. The story is rather linear, but not bad. Watching the development of the characters (at the beginning just any spider can give you a hard time) brings good fun.

The authors did not avoided, however, a number of errors: first - the game (in English) is not completely translated and there are names of locations or buildings in German (I must admit, however, that the English version was never officially released). Secondly - in version 1.07 there are places where the game goes to DOS (thankfully you can easily get around). Third - some of the logic puzzles are... well, illogical. However, this does not spoil the fun and the game can without hesitation recommend to anyone who likes RPG.

Our rating 4/5






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Ambermoon Classic Amiga gameAmbermoon Classic Amiga gameAmbermoon Classic Amiga gameAmbermoon Classic Amiga game