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1st Division Manager
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British Manager
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Player Manager Amiga Game

Player Manager

Player Manager Classic Amiga game

1990 classic Amiga game - football management games

After the huge success of Kick Off Dino Dini went one step further and added few simple functions to the game that change it completely. Instead of playing as whole team (although there is an option to do that) we were given the career mode, in which we play as single player in one of the English clubs and during the match we control only that single player. But as the title suggests we are put in charge of the whole team as manager as well taking care of selecting the squad and dealing with the transfers.

On surface it did not changed much - still it was Kick Off as a basis, but the additional options made such difference that for few years it was undisputed king of the soccer manager games (beaten by Championship Manager few years later). Although the players were randomly generated, the divisions were not realistic (less team in each division than in real life), the game was very addictive and generated a lot of interesting situations you had to deal with. Not only you were in charge of the team, but also you had to answer to the board of the directors, so if the team did not performed well your own position might be under fire.

A very successful extension to the Kick Off game - with career mode, transfers, personal histories, tactics editor it is completely different game that gives completely new experience to the user.

Our rating 4/5






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Player Manager Classic Amiga gamePlayer Manager Classic Amiga gamePlayer Manager Classic Amiga gamePlayer Manager Classic Amiga gamePlayer Manager Classic Amiga gamePlayer Manager Classic Amiga gamePlayer Manager Classic Amiga gamePlayer Manager Classic Amiga gamePlayer Manager Classic Amiga game