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Football Boss Amiga Game

Football Boss

Football Boss Classic Amiga game

1991 classic Amiga game - football management games

Simple football manager simulating English league with the standard scenario - start at the bottom of the league and work your way up to the top. While published in 1991 Football Boss was quite strange project - it seems like it is a freeware or shareware project made by one man (P. Harvey), but it had more in common with similar games on 8-bit computers than what was being published at that time on Amiga.

The set of options available was rather basic to be honest - you have your team with each player described using 4 skills (goalkeeping, defence, midfield and attack), those skills were added to create the values for whole team and that way being used in match engine (I guess). The match description was very simplified: only goal scorers, players who were injured or booked. Basic transfer options and staff options were available and that is more or less the whole game.

In 1991 such football managers as 1st Division Manager and Bundesliga Manager Professional (The Manager) were published - it would be hard to compete with them for indie project, but Football Boss looked just awful. It would not be that bad if the game had something great to offer, but to be honest it simply did not - only basic options, lack of atmosphere, not very convincing match engine and interface that was sometimes hard to deal with. Overall one of many games that came and went without making much impact on the genre.

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Football Boss Classic Amiga gameFootball Boss Classic Amiga game