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Perfect General Amiga Game

Perfect General

Perfect General Classic Amiga game

1991 classic Amiga game - strategy games

Turn-based strategy game, based on classic board games, set in undetermined time, but somewhere between World War 2 and modern times. It is hard to tell exactly, because of the unspecific units we are using (light tanks, medium, heavy tanks, light artillery, heavy artillery, bazooka teams, etc) and maps that are not based on known conflicts. In every scenario we take one of the sides (red or blue) and start with selecting the units we are planning to use in the scenario by "buying" them using available points. In some scenarios, in which our forces are landing on enemy territory we are also limited by the number of units we can deploy in a single turn.

Every turn is split into stages - first of all we choose targets for the artillery (but the artillery won’t immediately fire), then we have movement, direct fire, artillery fire and points balance. The points are given for occupying the cities spread over the area, so you can use the infantry as garrisons to gather the points. The interesting part of the game is artillery fire - while we have available mobile artillery and static light artillery they are capable to shoot directly at the target (f.e. tank that moved to close), but most of the time they will be shooting at targets far away. The interesting bit is that you select the target hex you want to be bombarded, but in practice you don’t have guarantee that the bombardment will be accurate, so you if you move your own units too close they might get damaged or destroyed by collateral fire. Also artillery fire generates shrapnels that might damage or even destroy units next to the one that was bombarded. Heavy artillery has additional option of barrage fire, which means that one hex will be the main target and all hexes around him will also receive damage.

Overall an interesting strategy game, but with huge emphasis on artillery and mobile units. Different scenarios and different conditions make this game a fun for long hours.

Our rating 3/5






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Perfect General Classic Amiga gamePerfect General Classic Amiga gamePerfect General Classic Amiga gamePerfect General Classic Amiga game