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Balance of Power
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Balance of Power Amiga Game

Balance of Power

Balance of Power Classic Amiga game

1985 classic Amiga game - strategy games

Very interesting project, showing the reality of the Cold War and constant tensions between the imperialist United States and the communist Soviet Union while they were trying to bully each other out of different spheres of influence in the world.

The game allows you to explore different aspects of the long-standing conflict - the zone of influence of both sides, the resources used in order to weaken the enemy, ruthless colonialism rules over the weaker countries. At the beginning we choose which side we want to lead and from that point the headaches begins. We sit over the map of the world, looking for opportunities to gain an advantage over the other side. All time revolts erupt in different countries, civil wars, border conflicts, and in each of those conflicts we have to decide which side will we support financially and / or militarily, where our troops are better as observers, "advisers" or where it is better to send 20,000 soldier to get involved. Unfortunately our opponent does exactly the same and in some points our path will cross, which leads to confrontation and the potential end of the world... So, no pressure there...

The graphics are simple, but the in-depth simulation of diplomacy and shadow governments in the countries is excellent. We can analyse different aspects of each country before making a decision if and how we want to get involved in the local conflict and risk enraging the other side.

Our rating 3/5






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Balance of Power Classic Amiga gameBalance of Power Classic Amiga gameBalance of Power Classic Amiga gameBalance of Power Classic Amiga gameBalance of Power Classic Amiga gameBalance of Power Classic Amiga gameBalance of Power Classic Amiga game