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Arnhem Amiga Game


Arnhem Classic Amiga game

1991 classic Amiga game - strategy games

Who has not heard of Arnhem? Well, I suspect that in the Netherlands almost everyone knows that name. In contrast about the Battle of Arnhem heard everyone who is even slightly interested in World War II.

Airborne landing in the area of Arnhem was planned as the turning point of the war - through the Operation Market Garden Allied forces were aiming to break through the frontline and using the speed of the armored columns penetrate deep behind enemy lines, where paratroopers would secure the strategic bridges in Holland. At least that was the plan. Because of the errors made by the commanders and intelligence, but also due to too ambitious and complex plan, the whole operation was a disaster - paratroopers that were suppose to take control of strategic bridges encountered very strong resistance from the Germans and despite heroic fight were unable to reach their targets. And how desperate their situation was you can see for yourself from this game called Arnhem.

Originally published on Spectrum later that title was unfortunately only transferred to other platforms without any improvements, which caused it to have obsolete graphics and poor interface that could put off many modern users. But those, who will stick to it I guess will have some fun with Arnhem. Afterall "fun" is such wide term... The game is very difficult, the interface gives very little informations about the outcomes of the battles, so it can be recommended only to real strategy buffs. On plus side we start the operation while the paratroopers are still in the air, which means that we can set completely different landing zones than the historic ones, although I don’t think that will fool the Germans anyway.

Our rating 2/5






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Arnhem Classic Amiga gameArnhem Classic Amiga gameArnhem Classic Amiga game