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Air Force Commander
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Air Force Commander Amiga Game

Air Force Commander

Air Force Commander Classic Amiga game

1992 classic Amiga game - strategy games

If you have seen Fighter Command then do not expect too much from the Air Force Commander.

Do not expect, because this title is nothing but a full version of that game. We have here a complete set of graphics and all necessary options, and all you need, is running properly. Besides, nothing has changed - the same scenarios, the same equipment available and the same goals. As the commander of the air force you direct the available forces in the conflicts in the Middle East. They are both completely fictional scenarios and derived from real events (eg. Operation Desert Storm).

Graphics have improved, but nothing else, so if you liked Fighter Command, you certainly will like this one.

Our rating 4/5






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Air Force Commander Classic Amiga gameAir Force Commander Classic Amiga game