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Imperium Amiga Game


Imperium Classic Amiga game

1990 classic Amiga game - strategy-economy games

How many games have there been in which we were conquering the galaxies? Exactly, far too many. Imperium is another one, but with a little twist.

As leader of one of the galactic empires we start on Earth with small fleet and the urge to conquer the whole known Universe. Unfortunately other leaders of the empires have exactly the same idea, so we have to compete with them for the resources and planets. But every conquest begins at home, so first we have to take care of our home planets, plan their development, keep the economics on the right track, keep the citizens happy (because sooner or later we will have to face the elections), build the planet defences and the fleets to explore.

Each part of the game is quite complexed - we can not only build spaceships, but also design their classes, so we can build a lot of small and fast ships, build large, slow and heavily armoured ship or anything between those two options. Similar with the economy - we have to look at the industry level, transfer resources, keep the population growing, but also recruit citizens to military service, which will reduce the production. In relations with other empires we can trade, make trade wars, make alliances, but also just start the war using our fleets and planet forces.

Imperium was one of many space exploration and colonization games, but each part of the game had more in-depth feeling about it, which in a way was good thing, but also made the game very complexed. For example the simple thing of choosing the right man for the right job - you have limited list of people you can assign to different roles (to be fleet commander, planet leader or ambassador), but there were not enough good people to cover all the positions, so sooner or later you had to choose the bad guy for some position.

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Imperium Classic Amiga gameImperium Classic Amiga gameImperium Classic Amiga gameImperium Classic Amiga gameImperium Classic Amiga gameImperium Classic Amiga game