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Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan Classic Amiga game

1987 classic Amiga game - strategy-economy games

Strategy-economy game (or to put it scientifically grand strategy) that simulate the times when Genghis Khan was still considered generally a good boy and word "horde" wasn’t known to Europeans.

There are two modes of the game - we can either conquer the Mongol tribes as leader of one of those tribes, or we can conquer the whole known world (in that case we can choose from wider range of nations). Whatever our aim will be the first step into conquering the world is to take care of your own home - secure the food, prepare economy, army, "industry", assign people to their roles in the society.

Each of the countries and regions has different special quality (f.e. unique goods they can produce that we can sell to the traders). For the money we have we can hire mercenaries, buy weapons or anything that could be useful to our society. Also we have to take care of ourselves (although not in a biblical sense) - just like in RPG game our character has personal skills that influence the way we handle our people (again, not in biblical sense).

But the expansion to another region is something completely different - not only you have to secure enough food for the campaign, but also take under consideration that while we are conquering some area our neighbours can drop by with the unannounced military visit to our home, steal a thing or two, or just decide to settle down there. One of the ways to deal with it is diplomacy, that sometimes actually uses your own children to make a deal - by arranging a marriage that will make you enemies your family (those were strange times and tough choices I guess). So if you have some time to spare you should spend some time with your wife (this time I do mean in biblical sense), so you would not run out of children to use in diplomacy.

You can more or less write a book about this game - although it looks as old fashioned as it is old, it is a full grand strategy that covers more elements than f.e. Civilization.

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Genghis Khan Classic Amiga gameGenghis Khan Classic Amiga gameGenghis Khan Classic Amiga gameGenghis Khan Classic Amiga gameGenghis Khan Classic Amiga game