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Colonial Conquest 2 Amiga Game

Colonial Conquest 2

Colonial Conquest 2 Classic Amiga game

1994 classic Amiga game - strategy-economy games

The flagship example that there were good ideas that even AMOS Basic could not spoil. This game, developed by the Swiss Christian Mumenthaler, combines the elements of conquest and colonization of the space, fights with alien civilization and building the power of your own civilization. And all of it was built using AMOS Basic, a tool that was mainly used to make the poor quality arcade game.

The basic idea for Colonial Conquest 2 is far from being original - it is one of the most common strategy games on early computers - we start on one planet, where we can build numerous buildings useful for development of our civilization, or build spaceships that we will use to explore and eventually colonize other planets. But as I mentioned Colonial Conquest 2 is a mix of different elements, so in addition to those we all know from classic Civilization we also have here building new colonies on different planets, but at the same time we also must think about the enemy that is lurking among those planets - an alien race that sooner or later we will have to face either on orbits around the planets or on the planets itself. So besides constructing residential modules, solar energy collectors and mining robots we must also think about the barracks, spy satellites or simply spaceships.

Very pleasant user interface, even in conjunction with not very impressive graphics, gives quite good effect - start of the game is a bit slow, but with the development the difficulty level increases and the appearance of the enemy turns everything upside down. Not well known game, but definitely worth a look.

Our rating 4/5






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Colonial Conquest 2 Classic Amiga gameColonial Conquest 2 Classic Amiga gameColonial Conquest 2 Classic Amiga gameColonial Conquest 2 Classic Amiga gameColonial Conquest 2 Classic Amiga gameColonial Conquest 2 Classic Amiga gameColonial Conquest 2 Classic Amiga gameColonial Conquest 2 Classic Amiga game

Colonial Conquest 2 trivia

Link to 1985 Colonial Conquest
Although game shares title with 1985 game Colonial Conquest published by Ubisoft, Colonial Conquest 2 is (at best) inspired by 1985 game and not any sort of sequel. Christian Mumenthaler published his Colonial Conquest game in 1993, and Colonial Conquest 2 is expanded version of that game that included input from testers and few more options.