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1497: Five Years After Amiga game
1497: Five Years After
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1497: Five Years After Amiga Game

1497: Five Years After

1497: Five Years After Classic Amiga game

1996 classic Amiga game - strategy-economy games

Shareware game created by John Hagqvist is a sort of polemic to Sie Meiers Colonization, because, although both games tell the story fo discovery of the new world, this one puts emphasis on completely different aspects of the process.

The most important differences between the two games are the problems that you have to face after landing on the new land - here you have to face the unknown all by yourself and make the colony fully self-sufficient while in the Colonization you could have just brought the stuff from the "old country". Also in Hagqvists reality if you do not invade the nearby village of Indians and take some of them in captivity, your colony will most probably quickly die out of hunger. Also we can build only one building on a single field, which leads to quick grow of the colony in a short time.

What we have here is nice little game - dont expect any fireworks, but ut has its logic and interesting view on the colonization of America.

Our rating 3/5






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1497: Five Years After Classic Amiga game