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Powerplay Eishockey Manager Amiga Game

Powerplay Eishockey Manager

Powerplay Eishockey Manager Classic Amiga game

1992 classic Amiga game - sport games

Unlike football, hockey was not very popular among game developers, probably due to a slightly different level of complexity of such a game, but also it was more difficult to find customers willing to buy such a product. Powerplay Eishockey Manager was one of the few such Amiga games, and to be more specific together with its following project World Hockey League Manager, they constituted at least half of the hockey manager games on this platform.

We are dealing here with a league composed of three divisions, 10 teams each filled with mixed teams from different countries. There are exactly 17 players in each club (2 goalkeepers, 9 attackers and 6 defenders) and unfortunately we have no influence on this side of our team. Of course, transfers are possible, but only in the form of an exchange. Playing matches is very simplified (probably too much), the same applies to the rest of the team management options.

Overall, we have a rather limited impact on the gameplay really, which can be very annoying. The graphics are very simple, the sounds practically do not exist, and the playability is not too high either. For hockey enthusiasts it can be interesting, but only if they don’t mind the overwhelming feeling they don’t really affect their team’s performance.

Our rating 3/5






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Powerplay Eishockey Manager Classic Amiga gamePowerplay Eishockey Manager Classic Amiga gamePowerplay Eishockey Manager Classic Amiga gamePowerplay Eishockey Manager Classic Amiga gamePowerplay Eishockey Manager Classic Amiga gamePowerplay Eishockey Manager Classic Amiga game