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Basket Manager Amiga game
Basket Manager
British Manager Amiga game
British Manager
Center Court Amiga game
Center Court
Eishockey Manager Amiga game
Eishockey Manager
Face Off Amiga game
Face Off
Formula One Challenge Amiga game
Formula One Challenge
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Grand Prix Manager
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International Rugby Challenge
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International Soccer Challenge
Jimmy White’s Snooker Amiga game
Jimmy White’s Snooker
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John Madden Football
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Powerplay Eishockey Manager
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Speedway Manager 2
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TV Sports: Basketball
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TV Sports: Boxing
TV Sports: Football Amiga game
TV Sports: Football
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World Boxing Manager
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World Hockey League Manager

Jimmy White’s Snooker Amiga Game

Jimmy White’s Snooker

Jimmy White’s Snooker Classic Amiga game

1991 classic Amiga game - sport games

Nope, you're not wrong, here is where the description was suppose to go... Thanks Adam, lazy bastard!

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Jimmy White’s Snooker Classic Amiga gameJimmy White’s Snooker Classic Amiga game