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Grand Prix Manager Amiga Game

Grand Prix Manager

Grand Prix Manager Classic Amiga game

1993 classic Amiga game - sport games

AMOS Basic game that simulated the Formula One season and let us control one of the racing teams. Of course the graphic side wasn’t great (AMOS wasn’t a great tool for complicated games), but the gameplay itself wasn’t that great either. While all the basic options were available there were some important parts missing. For example you had the chance to set up few parts of the car (wings, suspension, engine), but unfortunately we do not get any feedback, so it is hard to determine if we chose the right setup or how elements of the setup influence the performance. It would be nice to at least make some test laps, but we have no such option available.

To make things worse we hardly have any options apart from basics available - we sign the engine contract, sign up driver or drivers, the pit crew, but that’s about it. We have no influence on sponsors, we can’t train the drivers nor crew, etc.

A small game that lacked a lot of elements to make much impact.

Our rating 1/5






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Grand Prix Manager Classic Amiga gameGrand Prix Manager Classic Amiga gameGrand Prix Manager Classic Amiga gameGrand Prix Manager Classic Amiga gameGrand Prix Manager Classic Amiga game