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Formula One Challenge Amiga Game

Formula One Challenge

Formula One Challenge Classic Amiga game

1994 classic Amiga game - sport games

Formula One management games followed the standards set by the Spectrum games from 1980s for years now, especially when it comes to race presentation - after all it is hard to improve something that is almost perfect. The 1994 Formula One Challenge developed by Steven Rennocks did exactly the same - made use of the old ideas that worked before and just updated them to the modern computers. There is nothing wrong with that, the 1994 game with decent graphics and decent idea would be a good news, but there were several problems with the idea for Formula One Challenge.

The basics are typical - you choose the team to manage, sign the engine deal, sign up a driver or drivers, hire pit crew and start the season. So far so good, but then you get to setting up the car for next race, you take part in the qualifications and let’s say your cars did not made it to the 26 that will take part in the race. And that’s where the problems start - you don’t know how far behind rest of the cars you were, you have no feedback from your driver, you don’t even get the time your drivers have reached. You just didn’t made it and that’s the whole information.

Similar with the situation in which you drivers do take part in the race - there is no feedback, so you have no idea if your setup was right, the tires were right, if the car is doing all right - nothing. Between the races you have not much to do since all the contracts are signed for the duration of whole season, so... Steven Rennocks could have done better with the game. Game looks good, feels good, but the heart of the game was obviously missing.

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Formula One Challenge Classic Amiga gameFormula One Challenge Classic Amiga gameFormula One Challenge Classic Amiga gameFormula One Challenge Classic Amiga gameFormula One Challenge Classic Amiga gameFormula One Challenge Classic Amiga gameFormula One Challenge Classic Amiga game