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Eishockey Manager Amiga Game

Eishockey Manager

Eishockey Manager Classic Amiga game

1993 classic Amiga game - sport games

Another production from Software 2000, the company that was behind Bundesliga Manager, this time they chose ice hockey as the main theme. Eishockey Manager is not far from Bundesliga Manager, it contains some of the elements of that game (sponsorship deals, simple player parameters, simple team selection), but was adapted to different reality of hockey.

We can play in 1st, 2nd Liga or Oberliga, domestic cup (DEB Cup) and face international opponents in Continental Cup (equivalent of Champions Cup for hockey). Through training and transfers we can improve our team, through sponsorship deals and shares market we can support our budget, we can also invest in side-businesses around our arena to finance further development.

Match engine is rather simple, match preview does not give much data about particular player performance during the game (statistics are limited to goals scored and assists), so it is hard to manage the team at some points.

Overall an average game that looks more like Bundesliga Manager copy adapted for hockey rather than stand-alone project, but with so few competitors on Amiga it is worth a look.

Our rating 3/5






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Eishockey Manager Classic Amiga gameEishockey Manager Classic Amiga gameEishockey Manager Classic Amiga gameEishockey Manager Classic Amiga gameEishockey Manager Classic Amiga gameEishockey Manager Classic Amiga game