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Silent Service Amiga Game

Silent Service

Silent Service Classic Amiga game

1985 classic Amiga game - simulators

Submarine simulator from 8-bit computers, one of only few that were published on Amiga, but the Amiga version was exactly the same quality as the original. We take control of the American submarine on Pacific during the World War 2 in single scenarios of clashes with Japanese convoys or war patrols. The difference is that scenario starts when you spot the enemy, while the patrol starts in port and you can travel to any part of the Pacific Ocean, but there is no guarantee to actually find the enemy.

Rest of the available options is a standard - periscope, bridge, torpedoes, deck gun, the map - and for a reason, because Silent Service more or less created the standards for the genre that did not changed much to this day. Of course due to hardware limitations the game is hardly impressive today - there are only few types of enemy ships (tanker, troop ship, merchant ship, destroyer) and they consist of barely 20-30 pixels each, some of the aspects of the submarine warfare in Pacific were overlooked, but still the game was a huge leap forward in history of simulation games. When you take a look at modern games from the genre it is easy to spot how the screens were designed similar to those of the good old Silent Service from 1985.

Of course the games that followed Silent Service were superior to this title, when it came out on Amiga it already seemed a bit outdated, but when you take a look at the simulation games (and especially submarine simulators) it is hard to overlook Silent Service, it would be like overlook Ford T in the history of cars.

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Silent Service Classic Amiga gameSilent Service Classic Amiga game