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SeaLance Amiga Game


SeaLance Classic Amiga game

1989 classic Amiga game - simulators

Old shareware game, that is hardly a sub simulator, rather a quasi-simulator, because there really is not too much in common with reality. SeaLance is the name of the most modern submarine (well, at least as that what author Jason Bauer described it) that the is the last hope for human kind to get rid of the Aliens that have invaded Earth and destroyed rest of US Navy.

We start off the coast of Australia, and we have 32 days to free 20 cities from Alien invaders, which should allow people to overpower them. We can do this by firing long-range Trident missiles with special nuclear warheads on the cities taken over by Aliens. The special warheads will destroy the fortresses of Aliens and simultaneously infect them with the virus, which will force them to withdraw from the Earth. The problem is that first we have to get close to those cities, and the oceans and are full of surface and submarine patrols of Soviet navy that was taken over by the Aliens.

The whole story is ... to put it mildly bizarre, not to mention that is less than encouraging to take a stab at SeaLance, but the game quite successfully captures the feeling of being cut off from the world aboard a nuclear submarine, we are constantly under threat from the enemy and with conventional ammo limited to just 20 missiles we must decide whether we should face them, or try to avoid further clashes.

Graphics are not breathtaking, the game is in many points very simplified, but at the same time the gameplay is quite decent and do not forget that this is a shareware game produced in 1989. It cannot compete with f.e. 688 Attack Sub, but there is nothing Jason Bauer should be ashamed of.

Our rating 2/5

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SeaLance comments

And I would say you have done a great job
Frey (07-12-2019 08:43:20)

What can I say I wrote the game in high school while learning how to program on the Amiga. This was in the days before the internet, and everything had to be learned from books, and making it up as you went. Thanks to all that enjoyed the game over the years.
JB (07-12-2019 03:50:28)

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SeaLance Classic Amiga gameSeaLance Classic Amiga gameSeaLance Classic Amiga gameSeaLance Classic Amiga gameSeaLance Classic Amiga game