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Das Boot Amiga Game

Das Boot

Das Boot Classic Amiga game

1990 classic Amiga game - simulators

Submarine simulator inspired by a well-known film of the same title. It is hardly surprising that we are put in charge of German U-boat and we take part in actions on the waters around Europe - from the North Sea to Gibraltar.

There are only few combat missions to choose from, but they are very diverse - from wandering around the Norwegian fjord, through simply hunting convoys in the middle of the Atlantic, to crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, where there is no possibility to submerge. What distinguishes this game from f.e. Silent Service? Above all, a lot of attention was put to the details of our boat - we receive and send radio reports ourselves, we shoot ourselves the deck gun and we even defend ourselves against aircrafts (yes - we have access to an anti-aircraft gun). In addition, we can call for a "milk cow", a specially equipped submarine to supply U-boats with ammunition and fuel, so we can extend our patrol without the need to return to our base.

The graphics are rather primitive (simple vectors), often not allowing the clear identification of the objects we are looking at, simulated areas are rather small, but taking under consideration amount of effort put into details the game was rather impressive.

Our rating 4/5






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Das Boot Classic Amiga gameDas Boot Classic Amiga gameDas Boot Classic Amiga gameDas Boot Classic Amiga gameDas Boot Classic Amiga gameDas Boot Classic Amiga gameDas Boot Classic Amiga gameDas Boot Classic Amiga gameDas Boot Classic Amiga game