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Advanced Destroyer Simulator
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Advanced Destroyer Simulator Amiga Game

Advanced Destroyer Simulator

Advanced Destroyer Simulator Classic Amiga game

1990 classic Amiga game - simulators

After publishing Sherman M4, one of the first tank simulators that offered 3D graphics (but was a huge disappointment otherwise), French developer Futura Games came up with another military simulator that was based on similar style, but with improved graphics - Advanced Destroyer Simulator with the same setting - as part of Allied forces during World War 2. Despite being naval simulator game had various settings, English Channel, Norwegian Fjords, Mediterranean Sea, each with slightly different requirements. Our destroyer was armed with guns, depth charges and torpedoes, which meant we were able to deal with the surface and submarine enemy vessels in various missions.

Advanced Destroyer Simulator may not be very realistic nor impressive when it comes to the options available, but still it gives the chance to see the war from the captain of the destroyer point of view. Since this was early 3D technology the enemy forces are represented by simple vector objects with no textures and very little detail, so sometimes it is hard to determine what kind of ship we are dealing with until we close down. We start each of the missions in the harbour and we have to return to base at the end, which gives it a bit more realism, but overall Advanced Destroyer Simulator was more a shooter that was trying to be a simulator than simulator that had elements of a shooter. Still with improved graphics, not bad concept, easy to master interface and various missions it was production worth to notice.

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Advanced Destroyer Simulator Classic Amiga gameAdvanced Destroyer Simulator Classic Amiga gameAdvanced Destroyer Simulator Classic Amiga gameAdvanced Destroyer Simulator Classic Amiga game