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Wings of Fury Amiga Game

Wings of Fury

Wings of Fury Classic Amiga game

1990 classic Amiga game - shoot em up

It was hot summer on Pacific when your aircraft carrier has reached its destination - a small island in the middle of the ocean and in the middle of World War 2. Now it is up to you to defeat enemy using the good old F6F Hellcat fighter, or rather its magically improved version that can be a fighter, dive bomber and torpedo bomber at the same time.

In each level of the game we face slightly stronger enemy on the island - first they have only AA guns and huts, but with each level they gain additional guns, islands and at the end also the warships. To deal with them you can arm you plane with rockets, bombs or torpedoes (depending what enemy forces you are expecting), but nice twist is that after you take off from the carrier you can later return and rearm your plane. For example you can take off with load of bombs and perform high-altitude bombardment, return for rockets to deal with the infantry or torpedoes to face the warships. But if you stick around the island too long the enemy will send torpedo bombers to attack you carrier, so you have to intercept them before they can reach you ship.

Wins of Fury was a simple arcade game, but developed well enough to keep users entertained for hours. Of course after a while the game was a bit stale (same enemies over and over again), but keep in mind that the original version was developed in 1987 on Apple II and later adapted to other platforms. The World War 2 theme was great setting for the simple game and gave it a lot of depth.

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Wings of Fury Classic Amiga gameWings of Fury Classic Amiga gameWings of Fury Classic Amiga gameWings of Fury Classic Amiga gameWings of Fury Classic Amiga game