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Roadwar 2000

Roadwar 2000 Amiga Game

Roadwar 2000

Roadwar 2000 Classic Amiga game

1986 classic Amiga game - role playing games

After nuclear war, that destroyed most of the big cities in United States, came the mutated viruses that turned some of the survivors into zombie-like creatures. But not all hope is gone - scientists spread across USA will be able to stop the infections if they get the chance. So what is the best way to provide them with the chance to save human kind? Of course, the roadgangs! Wait, what? Well, ok, I don’t get it either, but that’s just the way it is I guess. You become leader of one of such gangs in one of the cities in United States (chosen randomly at the start of the game) and you slowly build up your empire by taking control over further and further cities. To do it you need number of gang members to rise, equip them with the weapons and cars so they could travel. Also you will need spare parts (tires to be exact) and fuel for the cars, food and medicine for the people as well as ammunition for your guns. The best way to get them is loot the cities or locations (farms, oil fields) and recruit people from the survivors in the cities. During the travel between the cities or while we loot them you will stumble upon other gangs and if you will be able to overpower them you will gain control over city.

Game developed by SSI, most widely known for their strategy games, is mixture of rouge-like RPG and post-apocalyptic strategy. The story behind is very specific, but the link between roadgangs and future of human kind is hard to grasp at the beginning. But when you get passed it you can sink into Mad Max style of game. Graphics were not the strongest point of Roadwar 2000, neither the sounds, the gameplay is not bad, but very simple interface make it hard to fully enjoy the world (f.e. each time you try to recruit people or stumble upon another gang there are no informations how many of them are there, so it is hard to make good decision on data you don’t actually get. Overall game with good concept, but hardware limitations made it rather forgettable, especially the interface.

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Roadwar 2000 Classic Amiga gameRoadwar 2000 Classic Amiga gameRoadwar 2000 Classic Amiga gameRoadwar 2000 Classic Amiga gameRoadwar 2000 Classic Amiga gameRoadwar 2000 Classic Amiga gameRoadwar 2000 Classic Amiga gameRoadwar 2000 Classic Amiga game