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Life & Death Classic Amiga game

1988 classic Amiga game - other games

A one-of-a-kind game - where else could you slice a guy with a scalpel and still earn good points for it? Okay, in horror movies. Well, and in some hack-and-slash. Also in most 3D games. And in FPS. Okay - in a lot of games you can do something like this, but this game is really different.

Why? Because here you can walk around in a white coat and say "please get behind the screen and undress." To put it bluntly Life & Death is a surgeon simulation. We have a first-person view, sharp tools at hand, sick patients and nurses ready for anything. Okay, I made that last one up, but still, they are around. But seriously, we examine patients, send some of them to a specialist, some we just provide with antibiotics, but some we introduce to the business end of a lancet. And then snip, snip, buckets of blood on the floor, etc...

A very original game, graphics at a decent level (for its time), the operation itself is terribly difficult, and with time the game becomes really boring. But anyway, a very original and, unfortunately, realistic simulator of a novice surgeon.

Our rating 4/5






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I remember playing it years ago - it didn’t end well for most of the patients :)
Dr De Ath (23-09-2021 13:44:27)

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Life & Death Classic Amiga gameLife & Death Classic Amiga gameLife & Death Classic Amiga gameLife & Death Classic Amiga gameLife & Death Classic Amiga gameLife & Death Classic Amiga game