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Kennedy Approach Amiga Game

Kennedy Approach

Kennedy Approach Classic Amiga game

1989 classic Amiga game - other games

Classic game that has given us a chance to see the world through the eyes of air traffic controller on one of the American airports. Our job is, of course, to keep safe all the planes that enter our airspace. Not all of them have to land on our airport (or airports), some of them will only transit to another location, some of them will take off our airport and fly away to its destination and our job is to send them where they should go on right altitude (4,000 feet).

It sounds very simple and indeed it is - all we have to do is to coordinate the traffic so there would not be two planes at the same altitude close to each other and to land all of them before they will run out of fuel. The thing that makes this a challenge is that we do not know in advance what airplanes will arrive (from and with what destination), only few seconds before their arrival into our airspace or before they will be ready to take off from the airport. The game is based around the career mode - we start on small airport during "graveyard shift" (f.e. Atlanta) and if we prove that we can handle the traffic we get job offers from bigger airports or with bigger amount of traffic, f.e. Washington or New York City.

Kennedy Approach never was very impressive when it comes to looks or sounds (even just after its premiere), but in game like this the idea is more important than graphics or sounds. The game is simple in itself, the interface is simple, which allows you to concentrate on the job and not worry about other things. Back in 1985 the use of synthesized speech was something, although today is not really that impressive anymore. Still one of the best games in the genre.

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Kennedy Approach Classic Amiga gameKennedy Approach Classic Amiga gameKennedy Approach Classic Amiga gameKennedy Approach Classic Amiga gameKennedy Approach Classic Amiga gameKennedy Approach Classic Amiga game