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Air Crash Manager Amiga game
Air Crash Manager
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Air Crash Manager Amiga Game

Air Crash Manager

Air Crash Manager Classic Amiga game

1996 classic Amiga game - other games

About classic Kennedy Approach two things can be said: it is good and old. And for both of these reasons Air Crash Manager was created in Czech Republic. So we have here the airport, we have airplanes, and all is running under Workbench.

All rules are the same as in Kennedy Approach: as a flight controller in San Francisco, we have seamlessly run all the planes that appear in our airspace. Some of them must land at our airport, some of them start there and the rest is just passing through.

I have not seen the full version of the game, but even the demo looks pretty good. It is true that there is only one airport (in guide attached to play other cities are included in the plans for the future), but even so itís hard to get bored right away.

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