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Santa Monica Football Club Amiga Game

Santa Monica Football Club

English / Polish / German
Santa Monica Football Club Classic Amiga game

1998 classic Amiga game - football management games

Soccer manager game (or rather minigame) similar to classic games from Amiga and 8-bit computers. The scenario of the game is also rather typical - we start in small club called Santa Monica FC in the 4th division and with strong opponents and budget limitations we begin our climb to the top division and European cups.

The game was written in just 4 days using AMOS Basic, which affected the graphic side of the game (AMOS was limiting the number of colors used), so this part of the game is not that impressive. But when it comes to the management options available we have all the basics - transfers, staff hiring and firing (coach, physio, scout), increasing or decreasing stadium capacity, scout reports when he will find new players.

Due to budget limitations the game is quite challenging - it takes a lot of effort to build the team. Either you have to wisely sell your players and buy better ones to replace them or slowly build up the team, but it could take few seasons. After each season the squad is reevaluated - some of them will rise to the higher skill level, others could decline to lower according to what they did during the season. Also with each promotion to higher division we face stronger opponents, which also puts extra strain on the team.

For freeware game that was developed in very short time Santa Monica FC is not bad production that could be compared to some commercial soccer managers from 1980s and 1990s on Amiga and 8-bit computers. One of the interesting options, sometimes overlooked in other games, was option to make substitutions during the games - with good result on scoreboard we were able to put youth players on the field so they would gain some experience.

Our rating 2/5






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Santa Monica Football Club Classic Amiga gameSanta Monica Football Club Classic Amiga gameSanta Monica Football Club Classic Amiga gameSanta Monica Football Club Classic Amiga gameSanta Monica Football Club Classic Amiga gameSanta Monica Football Club Classic Amiga gameSanta Monica Football Club Classic Amiga gameSanta Monica Football Club Classic Amiga game