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PSV Eindhoven Manager Amiga Game

PSV Eindhoven Manager

Polish / English
PSV Eindhoven Manager Classic Amiga game

1999 classic Amiga game - football management games

First Polish "big" soccer management game - Polish version was published in 1999, English in 2000. Eight real leagues are available for simulation, 2 fictitious and 30 generated. User can run any first division team (as long as he can keep it in first division) or choose second division team (that will immediately will be moved to first division).

PSV Manager had distinctive wide range of transfer options - from traditional buying and selling from clubs in your country, through signing up amateur players, random events that affected transfers, sending your scouts to different parts of the world so they could find new talents, buying and selling players from foreign leagues, summer and winter transfer windows and signing contracts with free players. Random events (similar to those in Anstoss) play important part in the game - both in positive and negative way. For example even if we have difficult economic situation we could be surprised by the news that board has just bought plans for new stadium and spent the rest of the money we had. On the other hand we can receive a lucrative transfer offer, but from shady agent...

The game options were improved by the large library of audio samples from well known movies and TV series that are used to comment on the in-game events, especially how well the manager is handling his club affairs. Graphics are a bit chaotic (they use only 16 colors due to AMOS Basic limitations), but this does not spoil the fun of that game that is simply full of surprises.

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Wow, completely forgot about that game - it was awesome!
Joel (21-12-2016 10:50:51)

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PSV Eindhoven Manager Classic Amiga gamePSV Eindhoven Manager Classic Amiga gamePSV Eindhoven Manager Classic Amiga gamePSV Eindhoven Manager Classic Amiga gamePSV Eindhoven Manager Classic Amiga gamePSV Eindhoven Manager Classic Amiga gamePSV Eindhoven Manager Classic Amiga gamePSV Eindhoven Manager Classic Amiga gamePSV Eindhoven Manager Classic Amiga game