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Championship Manager Italia Amiga Game

Championship Manager Italia

Championship Manager Italia Classic Amiga game

1993 classic Amiga game - football management games

Published soon after Championship Manager 93/94 copy of the game simulating Italian league, Serie A and Serie B. Since Italy at that point had the best league in the world it was a smart marketing move to give users chance to play the best football manager game in reality of best league in the world, but... well, it did not work as well as it should have.

The program is inferior to the original game because the creators simply did not think through the basic concept of the game - here we have only two divisions fully simulated (Serie A and Serie B), rest of the divisions are treated as non-league, which means only about 40 clubs are simulated. There is limit of 26 players per club, even if his contract runs out player still stays in the team, which quickly leads to clubs filling with not wanted players and creates huge problem. Once you buy a player it is almost impossible to get rid of him since there are no lower divisions to buy them.

Another attraction that backfired was the foreign players list - you can buy the top players in the world, which is great, but at the same time it only increases the pressure since the foreign clubs almost never make transfer offers themselves. The result is easy to guess - after 2-3 seasons most of the clubs are filled with players, so there are almost no transfers and no matter what you do you just can’t get rid of the players to make room for new ones (which makes the reserve team pointless).

Championship Manager Italia is another example of how rushing things in game market only leads to giant cock-ups and disappointments.

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Championship Manager Italia Classic Amiga gameChampionship Manager Italia Classic Amiga gameChampionship Manager Italia Classic Amiga gameChampionship Manager Italia Classic Amiga gameChampionship Manager Italia Classic Amiga gameChampionship Manager Italia Classic Amiga gameChampionship Manager Italia Classic Amiga game