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A-10 Tank Killer Amiga game
A-10 Tank Killer
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A-10 Tank Killer Amiga Game

A-10 Tank Killer

A-10 Tank Killer Classic Amiga game

1990 classic Amiga game - flight simulators

One of at least a dozen games that followed the American victory in the war of Kuwait (special extra disc with Desert Storm mission was published).

A-10 Thundebolt II is unusual aircraft (if not bizarre), and not only judging by the appearance. First of all, it is not equipped with jet engines, the armor of the plance is exceptional (well, AH-64 Apache could be similiar, but this helicopter). The third thing which distinguishes it from other aircrafts is the gun mounted - 35mm cannon which can penetrate most armors. All these strange characteristics were chosen to create the perfect weapon to fight armored vehicles and basically it worked perfectly.

The aim of this game, that took its name from the nickname of this flying oddity, of course, is the destruction of enemy forces, sometimes in solitary missions, and sometimes acting together with larger forces. Apart from the mentioned gun we have a wide range of missiles - anti-aircraft, anti-radar, anti-tank, unguided bombs and guided bombs. We can choose single missions, or play the entire campaign, but basically the difference between missions is rather small - we have to destroy some targets so we can move on to another mission.

Audio and video side of A-10 Tank Killer cant compete with the competitors from the same time, but it is interesting title especially to learn how hard it is to fight when you cant just push the button and use afterburners to keep the distance from enemy.

Our rating 5/5






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A-10 Tank Killer Classic Amiga gameA-10 Tank Killer Classic Amiga gameA-10 Tank Killer Classic Amiga game