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Transarctica Amiga Game


Transarctica Classic Amiga game

1993 classic Amiga game - economy games

One of the most original Amiga games, although it is partly thanks to the Jean-Georges Arnaud novels that Transarctica was based on. Due to climate changes Earth is covered in ice and the human kind is on a verge of extinction.

Aboard our luxury train (well, itís the only place for hundreds of miles around where you wonít freeze to death) we are traveling on the remaining railways between the last cities on Earth. In those cities we can trade goods (some of them quite strange, but it is a post-apocalyptic reality), buy new wagons, repair the old ones, buy or sell animals and animal products, not to mention the slaves. Of course money are no longer in use, coal became the new currency, which means that each time we put some coal into our steam engine it means we literally burn the money. The animals are quite rare, most of those that survived are the mammoths, which is important since we can use them in several ways.

But the world is not really that simple - we also can be attacked by other trains, which forces us to travel with soldiers and armoured cars, we can hunt for animals, make use of the coal mines (and there we can make use of the mammoths and slaves). There is a deeper story behind it all (also taken from the novels) and during our travels we unveil parts of that story.

The graphic side of the game is good, the reality is great, the options available are complex enough, the playability is good enough. Thatís all I can say about Transarctica - you simply have to see this one yourself. It is one of the games that is a must see!

Our rating 5/5






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Transarctica Classic Amiga gameTransarctica Classic Amiga gameTransarctica Classic Amiga game