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Software Manager Amiga Game

Software Manager

Software Manager Classic Amiga game

1994 classic Amiga game - economy games

Game based on popular in German productions concepts that we join a market together with 3 other companies and compete for domination (or rather survival). This time the market we are trying to conquest is the game development market, but keep in mind that takes place in the 1990s, so not everything is like in today reality.

First step is of course to hire a programmer, we will find him in the newspaper. At the beginning he will have to do all the work on the projects (programming, music and visual side of the game), but with time we can find other employees, some of which can specialize in one field of expertise. Since it is 1990s we have to take care of the physical copies of the game, which means we have to send them to magazines so they could publish their reviews, we have to produce copies before the game premiere, we have to choose the publisher, we have to sign the contract with advertising agency, set up the production of the boxes, etc.

As usual in German games the beginning is very hard - the funds are very limited, we have to watch for every detail and every expense, with time it gets slightly easier, as long as we can keep up with the competition and check the changes in the markets.

As usual in German games the graphics were well developed, adequately to the game character and style, the concept was pretty good, but with time it was getting too repetitive - we have to get through the same motions with each project and the interface does not help with some of the aspects.

Our rating 4/5






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Software Manager Classic Amiga gameSoftware Manager Classic Amiga gameSoftware Manager Classic Amiga gameSoftware Manager Classic Amiga gameSoftware Manager Classic Amiga gameSoftware Manager Classic Amiga gameSoftware Manager Classic Amiga game