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Detroit Amiga Game


Detroit Classic Amiga game

1994 classic Amiga game - economy games

Economic game about running a car manufacturing company - developing the cars from a scratch and putting them on the market. Sounds exciting, right? Well, it isnít as exciting as you may think.

We begin in early years of 20th century and first of all we choose a place to raise first factory and start the network of dealers. The whole world is split into regions and to succeed in the business you simply canít rely on a single region - you have to go global at some point. Although you can build your first factory f.e. in Africa, but in practice if you wonít enter the American market you will have problems to survive. Along the factories you have to build the network of dealers, but increased demand for your cars will lead to expansion to other regions - each factory has a limited number of lines it can provide and each line is limited to a number of workers that can assemble the cars.

Although production is the most important branch of your company you can also research the new parts, pay for the marketing, test new constructions, not to mention keep an eye on the competition that would love to see you bankrupt. Another point is hiring and firing staff - especially during wars and global crises the situation changes and you either have problem finding any new workers, or you are flooded by unemployed people.

The graphic side of the game is not the strongest point of the game, there are some issues with parts of the game (f.e. why markets such as Africa, Russia, Japan and more or less rest of the Asia, are complete graveyards when it comes to sales). Also with years (those simulated, not real ones) the game sinks into boredom - once you set up a network of dealers and set up factories there is very little to do, other than just watching the monthly reports and make small adjustments. But due to original idea and not bad execution the game is still a bit of fun after all those years (the real ones, not simulated).

Our rating 4/5






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Detroit Classic Amiga gameDetroit Classic Amiga gameDetroit Classic Amiga gameDetroit Classic Amiga gameDetroit Classic Amiga gameDetroit Classic Amiga gameDetroit Classic Amiga game