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Air Bucks Amiga Game

Air Bucks

Air Bucks Classic Amiga game

1992 classic Amiga game - economy games

The game in some ways similiar to Detroit (also, moreover, issued by Impressions), but this time we are put in charge of an airline.

The game starts in September 1946 in Miami, when four airlines have been created, each of them with a single plane at their disposal. As you can guess at the beginning you need to open a local connection before you can start to think seriously about the conquest of the world. Gradually negotiating rights to use the larger airports we can reach for new markets, which require further investment in airplanes, buying new rights to be step ahead of the competition and so on, and so on.

Overall the game (just like Detroit) is much simplier than it looks. After starting the service everything goes quite easy and requires very little invention or plan. The graphics are rather simple, but the game can be enjoyable.

Our rating 3/5






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Air Bucks Classic Amiga gameAir Bucks Classic Amiga gameAir Bucks Classic Amiga gameAir Bucks Classic Amiga game