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Formula 1 3D
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Formula 1 3D Amiga Game

Formula 1 3D

Formula 1 3D Classic Amiga game

1991 classic Amiga game - car racing games

Italian game producer Simulmondo was specializing in sport related games, but usually they were only taking care of the managerial side of the sport - from basketball to tennis. But the 1991 Formula 1 3D was exception in their offer - a 3D simulator of Formula One car on a level perhaps not comparable with MicroProse Formula One Grand Prix, but still made with decent effort.

Of course Formula 1 3D was far simpler game - only one track was available (of course it was Monza) and you could only drive a Ferrari racing car, but apart from that it looked quite impressive. The slightly weird choice was to implement a countdown timer that eliminates player if he won’t pass half of the track within given time limit. The simulation of the car wasn’t that impressive either - even while driving off the track we still had the full control over the car.

Overall a simple game, but with as for 1991 it was technically not that bad when it comes to 3D effects.

Our rating 2/5






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Formula 1 3D Classic Amiga gameFormula 1 3D Classic Amiga gameFormula 1 3D Classic Amiga gameFormula 1 3D Classic Amiga gameFormula 1 3D Classic Amiga gameFormula 1 3D Classic Amiga game