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Wings Classic Amiga game

1990 classic Amiga game - arcade games

Wings is definitely one of the games that deserves to be called the game of all time. I know, I know, everyone has their own taste, there are many genres of games, but considering how many elements Cinemaware managed to include in such a small game really deserves recognition.

It was the World War 1, although it was only 30 years since the invention of the aircraft, the men had already found a new use for those machines - they proved to be extremely effective in combat against air and ground targets. And this is what we generally do in this game. As the lives of pilots in those days were rather short, although often ended in an spectacular way, the air academies constantly had to supply cannon fodder.

In Wings, we start with the acquisition of the title wings, the emblem of a pilot. All it takes is succeed in a single (random) mission) and you are ready to be sent to the front and face enemy. There are various missions awaiting you, most of the time they will be group fighter combat, but that is just the tip of iceberg. Also you can take part in escort and reconnaissance missions (taking photos of important objects), air raids on the front line and convoys of trucks, bomb missions, where we bomb the airport, ships or other targets. All accompanied by a diary containing notes from events that took place in the base and everything that happened in the bases where the pilots were stationed.

In the short text it is not possible to summarize all the possibilities that open to the player in Wings - there are not only a lot of them, but also together they create a really amazing atmosphere supported by (typical for Cinemaware) impressive graphics.

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Wings Classic Amiga gameWings Classic Amiga gameWings Classic Amiga gameWings Classic Amiga gameWings Classic Amiga gameWings Classic Amiga gameWings Classic Amiga gameWings Classic Amiga gameWings Classic Amiga game