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Lost Patrol Amiga Game

Lost Patrol

Lost Patrol Classic Amiga game

1990 classic Amiga game - adventure games

This game is very difficult to classify, because it combines at least few smaller games. The Vietnam war is in full swing. During the flight over enemy area helicopter crashes in the middle of a tropical jungle, and the seven soldiers that survived the crash must travel afoot for over 100 km to reach their base. They have no radio, only small amount of food and ammunition. "So what?" you might ask. So that the area between the place where we start and the base, where we will be safe, is occupied by the Viet Cong, the jungle is full of traps, we can get some food from the villages, but as well might get shot by a sniper (especially the part of the game is impressive). Besides the jungle, from time to time we have to face machine guns, mortars, VC patrols or solitary scouts (which we have to overcome in unarmed combat). Besides, we have to deal with fatigue of the soldiers, their wounds, low morale, lack of food and shortage of ammunition. As if that were not enough, we can step into the minefield, if we do not secured the camp using Claymores for th night, we might not wake up in the morning.

Graphics is at a high level and in conjunction with a great atmosphere it created a legend of that game.

Our rating 5/5

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Lost Patrol Classic Amiga gameLost Patrol Classic Amiga gameLost Patrol Classic Amiga gameLost Patrol Classic Amiga gameLost Patrol Classic Amiga gameLost Patrol Classic Amiga gameLost Patrol Classic Amiga game